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Gabe Tejada

Gabriel Tejada

Gabe has been with us since the very beginning before we even had a physical location to teach in. Gabe has traveled all over the country training with everyone, gi and no gi. A Daniel Gracie/10th planet jiu jitsu purple belt, he has been an active competitor and dedicated instructor for the past 4 years. Practicing jiu jitsu since 2009, Gabriel has shown a deep devotion to the art and nothing makes him happier than teaching. We truly believe that with the proper guidance and hard work that Gabriel could be running his own school one day. 

"Everyone that has trained with Gabe knows how passionate he is. At the same time he is super patient and comes across as an equal not as a superior. I'm honored to have him represent us and help train our students, he has definitely proven that he is more than capable."

Jon Michael Holland - Head Instructor


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