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Grace Gundrum

Grace Gundrum

Grace Gundrum is now 14 years old and is probably the best jiu jitsu player on the planet at her weight and age. This is no boast, Grace got her black belt in karate at just 6 years old. After a lack of progression in the art she decided to pursue jiu jitsu with Jon and Zach. 7 years later she is far and away the best teen female on planet earth. Her jiu jitsu is really something just out of this world. Grace trains everyday and helps us out so much, she helps demonstrate the techniques to the classes and also helps new people refine their technique. If you're a female the opportunity to train with Grace is definitely one to be taken advantage of.

Grace is a true testament to the art of jiu jitsu. She proves that technique and timing beat size and strength. Don't believe me? Come see for yourself, she's not good for a kid she is good period.

Notable Accomplishments Include

  • 4x Eddie Bravo Invitational Superfight Winner
  • 10+ time North American Grappling Association Expert Champion
  • 3 time Grapplers Quest Expert Champion
  • Featured in Jiu jitsu style Magazine

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