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Jon Blank in Lehigh Valley - Finishers MMA - 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

Jon Blank

Jon Blank is one of the most talented individuals I have ever come across. Starting out as a wrestler Jon never had an interest in the GI. He came to us looking specifically for no gi jiu jitsu and he took to it like a duck in water. Over the 2 years he has been with us Jon has already received a purple belt, something that takes most 3-5 years. He has one recorded loss on his competition record to a world class black belt with more than double his experience. While being a total savage, Jon is super patient and understanding with the beginners. He is constantly helping out in class and is always showing guys things he is working on, even Zach and myself have learned a ton from Jon. Training with Jon you can't help but become super solid on the ground, big things in this kids future stay tuned. 

Notable Accomplishments include

  • 10th planet purple belt under Jon-Michael Holland and Zach Maslany
  • 3 time Good fight submission only champion as a blue belt (purple/brown/black division)
  • UGC Superfight Winner
  • 2 time Gym wars super fight winner
  • Finishers Submission Only Competitor
  • 10 years folk style wrestling experience
  • District 11 Champion 
  • 2 time PIAA State Qualifier
  • 2 time Colonial League Champion
  • Multiple time MAWA Champion

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