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Sid Tavolaro

I began my martial arts journey at age 5. My first martial arts school was Action Karate Nazareth. I received my Junior Black Belt from them at age 9. From there, I moved on to a school called Apgar MMA. I received my second black belt there at age 11. When that school closed, I decided to pursue the jiujitsu aspect of martial arts. I set up trial classes at some of the local gyms, including 10th Planet Bethlehem. I took my first class on a Friday in August 2016. That day, I took a kickboxing class and a jiujitsu class. I rolled for the first time during that jiujitsu class, and it was with none other than Jon Blank, who was a purple belt at the time. He taught me my first armbar during our roll. I also rolled with Grace. When my parents came to pick me up, I decided that the other trial classes were not necessary, and they I had found the next step in my martial arts journey. 4 years later, I am still training under Zach and JM. In December 2019, I received my 10th Planet Blue Belt at the age of 15. Additionally, I am now an instructor for the kids classes.

Martial Arts has been a big part of my life. With over 2/3 of my life being part of a martial arts gym, the sport has taught me massive amounts of lessons, including discipline, integrity, respect, and humility. I try to spend as much time on the mats as possible, trying to better myself and the people around me. I have been presented many opportunities as a result of martial arts, including the opportunity to travel around the country to compete and train at other gyms, to getting my first job, to making friendships that will last a lifetime. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has helped me along my journey. My martial arts family has pushed me every day to become the best version of myself every day. I hope to see everyone on the mats.

10th Planet Blue Belt
Action Karate Junior Black Belt
Apgar MMA Black Belt
NAGA Expert Champion
Finishers Open Expert Champion
Goodfight Worlds Expert Champion
10 years of Martial Arts Experience

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