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If you’ve ever wanted to have continuous access to all the newest techniques being taught in the submission only jiu jitsu scene today, this is your opportunity.  10th Planet Bethlehem owners and instructors Zach Maslany and JM Holland have competed on some of jiu jitsu’s biggest stages and are constantly traveling to train, teach, and pick up the newest techniques from all of the best minds in the game.  Not only is JM a two time combat jiu jitsu veteran, but he and Zach have also raised a team of killers out at their east coast location.  Their students Jon “Thor” Blank and Grace “the Silent Assassin” Gundrum have made it onto the 10th planet Top 25 Pound for Pound Competitor list along with JM himself, which is quite an impressive feat considering there are over 100 10th planet locations worldwide.  Zach and JM also released a 10th planet technique package complete with all 2017 warm ups and a bunch of other useful techniques through the Grapplers Guide.  For anyone who bought the package you should be able to get an idea of the detail these two put into their instructional videos. 


Now, for only $6 a month, you can get inside access at just like if you were training at 10th planet Bethlehem yourself.  There will be approximately one class each week filmed and uploaded to the site, along with extra technique videos being uploaded all the time and any seminars that Bethlehem hosts.  For $6, it will be well worth your time but if you looking for an even cheaper option there are also discount packages available.  You can pay $30 for 6 months which gets you one month free, or $55 for a whole year which amounts to 3 full months free.

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