In House Qualifier for the Radius Invitational 3

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This Monday, April 16, 10th Planet Bethlehem will be having a quick in-house qualifier tournament at 8:00 p.m. before the regular advanced class begins in order to determine who will represent the squad in the Radius Invitational 3. Students are welcome to stop in to watch the action and advanced class will proceed immediately after. One of 10th Planet Bethlehem’s purple belts, Jules Knighton, will receive the first spot in the Radius Invitational and Devin Vogel, Quin Puryear, and Ethan Saylor will all be competing for the second spot. Anyone else who would like to throw their name in the hat and can make 155 pounds can also show up and participate, just give JM a heads up so he can add your name to his list. The Radius Invitational is an EBI rule tournament and was created by 10th Planet Fairfield (also known a Radius Martial Arts) up in Connecticut. The Radius Invitational 3 will be held on May 6, 2018 and will consist of 16 men at 155 pounds. Our friend from 10th Planet Long Island, James Hasemann, is already one of the other confirmed competitors.

The 10th Planet Bethlehem team has graced the Radius Invitational stage in the past at both of their first two events. At the first Radius Invitational in their 8-man 190 pound tournament, Jon “Thor” Blank pulled off an impressive armbar in the finals against Danaher Death Squad member Oliver Taza, winning the tournament in dominant fashion. The Radius Invitational 2 was also an 8-man tournament with the weight limit set at 155 pounds. Zach competed in the tournament, securing the fastest submission overall, and Grace had a super fight on the card against Lora Antaya. You can check out videos of the squad’s previous performances below.

Radius Invitational 1 – September 2016


Radius Invitational 2 – February 2017

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