Technique Spotlight: Z Guard Kimura to the Back in Training and Competition

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One of the best things about training under Zach and JM at 10th Planet Bethlehem is that you can see they truly believe in the techniques they are teaching their students and they are using them in high level competitions. Almost exactly a year ago in April 2017, 10th Planet Bethlehem hosted ADCC veteran David Avellan for a seminar on his kimura trap system.

The squad was already a fan of the kimura but after this seminar in particular a lot of people started using the kimura trap system even more in order to set up their attacks. One example is the kimura from Z guard in order to take the back or secure a back triangle. Check out the videos below for demonstrations of both of those options.

Even before Avellan came to Bethlehem though, Zach and JM were already using techniques like this in competition. You can see in the video clip below where Zach uses the kimura trap to smoothly take his opponent’s back at a NAGA tournament years ago.

Most recently, if you were paying attention to the Kasai Pro 2 event this past weekend, you should have noticed that 10th Planet San Diego’s Geo Martinez tried a few times to get a flying kimura on Nicky Ryan in their superfight in order to take his back. This is a very popular technique and can be used to set up a lot of submissions. Even in the last few seconds of their match, Nicky ended up in a back triangle position with a fully locked kimura on Geo.

The back triangle is an extremely dominant position and it is usually pretty easy to secure the armbar from there, which is undoubtedly why the judges’ decision went to Nicky in the end. While he didn’t get to the back triangle from Z guard, the end result was the same as if you would have used the path shown by Zach and Jon above in the Show the Art video.

Even if you are newer to training and still getting used to the kimura, the more you drill the technique in class the more natural it will be for you to pull it off in competition. Zach and JM are prime examples of that and are constantly out there testing new techniques in competition, which is part of why they are both so exciting to watch compete. To learn more techniques from Zach and JM make sure you check out

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