Finishers MMA Student Paul Kameen Paints Epic Portraits

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Jiu Jitsu in Lehigh Valley - Finishers MMA - 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

If you were to pass by 17 year old Paul Kameen on the street you probably wouldn't suspect that this young teen has so many hidden talents. About 11 months ago, inspired largely by hearing about mma and 10th planet jiu jitsu on Joe Rogan's podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, Paul took to google in order to determine his closest 10th planet location and start training. 10th Planet locations are sparse on the east coast and 10th Planet Bethlehem/Finishers MMA was the closest location that popped up. Even with about an hour and 20 minute drive to the school, Paul was determined to start training and immediately enrolled in both the jiu jitsu and kickboxing programs.

While he hasn't competed quite yet, he hopes to compete in both jiu jitsu and kickboxing soon and eventually ease his way into competing in mma. In fact, his first jiu jitsu competition is scheduled for this weekend at the NAGA World Championships in New Jersey. He's already set some specific goals for this competition as well, including landing a hip toss on one of his opponents. He will also be hunting for a submission this weekend and mentioned that he feels the most impressive submission to pull off in competition is the hindulotine, created by 10th Planet's own Ben Eddy. Another close second was the gogoplata, which is another submission that requires a good bit of flexibility from rubber guard. Luckily, Paul is well known among his teammates for his insane flexibility and ability to invert at will, so the 10th Planet system and those types of submissions suit him really well.

However, martial arts aren't his only hobby. Recently Paul was inspired by some of the bad ass pictures he's seen of Zach and JM in competition and painted a canvas piece for each of them, as seen below.

If you ask him when he realized he is a great artist he will deny even being good yet, but I think it is pretty obvious when you look at the side by side above of his painting and the original picture of JM at combat jiu jitsu worlds that Paul has a special talent when it comes to art. Being a perfectionist with high standards and attention to detail is certainly going to help him excel in the future though, both with his art and with his training. You can request your own custom art piece by contacting Paul through his Instagram account. Don't be shy - slide into those DMs. Also make sure to wish him good luck before his competition this weekend!

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