First Finishers STA Open and the Finishers Sub Only 6 Coming in August

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The 6th Finishers Sub Only Pro Invitational will be held Sunday, August 12th beginning at 10 a.m. and this time will be at a new location, SubForce BJJ in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. The Finishers 6 will feature a main event matchup between EBI veterans John Battle and Ashley Williams, as well as numerous superfights (full list below) and a 155 pound 16 man tournament. The winner of the lightweight tournament will receive $2,500 cash for their efforts. Co-promoter Show the Art also plans to have a qualifier event for the 155 pound tournament, the date and location to be decided. Entry fee for the qualifier will be $80 and the winner will secure his spot in the 155 pound pro invitational for free. Updates on the qualifier will be announced when the event is finalized.


Eric Sherman vs Eric Medina
Brian DeMuro vs Joey Hauss
Alex Nemeth vs Adam Collarie
Tom Clare vs Alec Hooben
Francis St-Amour vs Michael Kastroba
Anthony McGlynn vs Cory Guitard
Setente Cuatro vs Sam Micale

The day before the Finishers 6 pro event, August 11th, the first Finishers STA Open tournament will be held, also at SubForce BJJ in New Jersey. This tournament is meant to give competitors who aren’t quite ready for the pro invitational a chance to test their skills under EBI rules. Weigh ins for the Open will be the night before and the morning of at SubForce BJJ. You can weigh in right up until your division is about to go and there will be a 1 pound weight allowance for all divisions. Male and female competitors will be divided by experience into a combined white and blue belt division or a combined purple, brown and black belt division. White/blue belt division matches will be EBI rules for 6 minutes, followed by one EBI overtime round to determine a winner if needed. Finals will be up to 3 rounds of overtime and no heel hooks will be allowed, although kneebars and straight ankle locks are legal. In the purple/brown/black belt division, matches will be EBI rules for 8 minutes, followed by one EBI overtime round to determine a winner if needed. Finals will again be up to 3 rounds of overtime, however all submissions including heel hooks are legal for this division. The weight classes are as follows, although there is a chance that weight classes may be combined depending on the number of competitors registered in each division:


under 135, 136-145, 146-155, 156-170, 171-185, 186-205, 206-225, and over 225


under 110, 111-125, 126-135, 136-150, and over 150

You can register now for your own opportunity at competing in the Finishers Open for only $60, which is a bit more affordable than your typical local tournament. Registration deadline is August 8th. In the meantime, make sure to check out teammate Jon “Thor” Blank’s impressive kneebar finish against Matt Serra black belt James Gonzalez from the last Finishers Sub Only event.

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